Ni-MH Laptop battery DR35S

Ni-MH Laptop battery DR35SThis is a Brand New Replacement Battery for Acer. Rechargeable laptop Battery for ACER DR35S.
Compatible Part Numbers: DR35S.
Compatible with the following:
ACER AcerNote: DR35S, 350 Series, 350, 350C, 350P, 350PX, 352 Series, 355 Series, 356 Series, 361 Series, Light Series 300, Light 356 Series, Light 372 Series, Light 373 Series, LifeNote Series, LifeNote 373, Extensa 600 Series, Extensa 650 Series,
ACRO: Vesta 586,
ACTEBIS: Targa TN549,
DTK: Model 86,
ERGO: SubBrick Lite X75,
MITSUBISHI: Apricot Note GX, Apricot Note GX/2,
SENAO: SC-707,
TECHMEDIA: Model 3000S,
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Extensa: 450, 450T, 455, 455T, 460, 470, 500, 510, 515, 600 Series, 600CD, 600CDT, 605 Series, 605CD, 605CDT, 605, 650CD, 655, 655CD, 655CDT, 670, 670CDT,
TWINHEAD: SlimNote 700 Series, SlimNote 710CV, SlimNote 713TV,
Product Specifications:
Battery Type: Ni-MH
Rating: 10.80V
Capacity: 4000.00mAh
Color: Black
Note: Li-ion and NiMH batteries are not interchangeable
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