Li-Ion Battery for IBM

Li-Ion Battery for IBM
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This is a Brand New Replacement Battery for IBM
Lithium Ion System Battery is a rechargeable battery that supports the ThinkPad A20, A21, A22, series Notebooks.
Compatible ThinkPad Models:
ThinkPad A20: A20 Series, A20M, A20P.
ThinkPad A21: A21 Series, A21M, A21P.
ThinkPad A22: A22 Series, A22M, A22P.
Replaces IBM part #s 02K6612 ,02K6614, 02K6615, 02K6616, 02K6617, 02K6618, 02K6619, 02K6640, 02K6644, 02K6645, 02K6720, 02K6767, 02K6769, 02K6770, 08K8025, FRU02K6619, FRU02K6644, IBM IB-A/L.
Product Specifications:
Rating 10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Size: 10.60" x 2.50" x 0.90"
Color: Black
Technology: Lit-Ion
Condition: Brand New

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