IBM 02K6699 72W AC Adapter for Thinkpads

IBM 02K6699 72W AC Adapter for ThinkpadsThis is a Brand New IBM Boxed Original Product
IBM 72W AC Adapter Compatible with ThinkPad X30, X40, X40 Tablet, T40, and R50 Series notebooks, ThinkPad Port Replicator II, and ThinkPad Multiple Battery Charger II.
Does not support ThinkPad G40, X60, T60, or Z60 Series notebooks.
Manufacturer:- IBM/Lenovo
Part Numbers: 02K6699, L3V6726, 02K6677, 02K6746, 02K6749, 02K6756, 73G1819, 02K6657, 02K6665, 08K8205, 02K6757, 02K7654, 08K8202, 08K8203, 08K8204, 08K8205, 08K8206, 08K8207, 08K8208, 08K8209, 08K8210, 08K8211, 08K8212, 08K8213, 22P9010, 24P0151, 40Y7682, 82K8209, 82K8212, 92P1015, 92P1017, 92P1019, 92P1021, 92P1023, 92P1025, CF-AA1623, CF-AA1623A, CF-AA1623AM, CF-AA1623M, CF-AA1653A, CF-AA1653AM, 02K5669, 02K6654, 02K6657, 02K6658, 02K6661, 02K6665, 02K6666, 02K6669, 02K6670, 02K6671, 02K6673, 02K6674, 02K6677, 02K6699, 02K6701, 02K6702, 02K6703, 02K6704, 02K6705, 02K6706, 02K6707, 02K6708, 02K6709, 02K6744, 02K6746, 02K6746, 02K6747, 02K6749, 02K6750, 02K6751, 02K6753, 02K6756.
Power Cord:- Included
Voltage Provided: 16 Volts
Voltage Required: 100-240 VAC
Max Out: 4.5 A
Power Provided:72 Watts Condition:- Brand New
Warranty- 6 months
In Stock:- Yes

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