HP F2024A/B Battery

HP F2024A/B Battery
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This is a Brand New Replacement Battery for HP
HIGH CAPACITY PRIMARY BATTERY FOR HP Omnibook XE3 , Pavilion 5000 and N5000 Series.
HP Compatible Models:
Omnibook XE3
Pavilion 5000, N5000, XH Series
Replaces part #s: F3928HR , F3929HR, F3930H, F3930HR , F3931HR, F3933H, F3933HR , F3933K, F3933WR , F3978AV, F3980AV, F4307H, F4308H, F4309H, LIP-6088, LIP-9071, LIP6088, LIP9071, SI-CPL11U, F2024, F2024-80001, F2024-80001A, F2024A, F2024B, F2111-60901, F2193, F2193-80001, F2193-80001A, F3408H, F3459H, F3886HR, F3886HT, F3924H, F3924HR, F3925, F3925-60901, F3926H, F3927H, F3927HR.
Product Specifications:
Rating: 11.1V
Capacity: 6600mAh
Size:6.98" x 2.98" x 0.76"
Color: Black
Technology: Lit-Ion
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes

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